How does it work?

To start, we print your artwork on the film side of a heat transfer medium.

Secondly, the image is heat-pressed and transferred onto the apparel using a heat transfer machine; like an iron. Heat triggers the special ink to stick to the fabric and when the heat transfer medium is peeled away, the design remains.

Finally, to ensure that your design of high-quality, we pay close attention to every detail and weed out small details on the decals.

Advantages of Heat Transfer:

  • Economical for smaller quantities
  • Ability to do full colour printing including colour gradients
  • Cleaner and more environmentally friendly compared to silkscreen printing

Limitations of Heat Transfer:

  • Plastic look & feel – As a heat transfer medium is used to transfer the image onto the apparel. There is a plastic feel of the design on the apparel. It can get very heavy if a large image is printed onto the apparel.

This method is most advantageous when:

  • You have complicated designs
  • Print area is not too large
  • You have gradient and tone designs